Chimella for ECO status

After being invited to the sustainable energy association policy advising workshop at Westminster we are pushing for ECO status for Chimella. Pitching to over 150 top industry and government officials Chimella was well received and as i clearly pointed out Chimella is the perfect accomplishment to all other ECO products.

I find it unbelievable that the government can offer a whole range of house insulation and energy efficiency products and yet has no products to covert digest heat loss in the house….a great big hole in the roof called the chimney. How can this be?

As I pointed out in my speech every product that saves energy in some way is great but you are only doing half a job if you don’t block off the chimney. In 1 second Chimella will complete the job and by far pound for punch will make the biggest difference.

Giving ECO status to Chimella will then encourage all installers of ECO products to finish off the job because they will be given the incentive of adding eco points when fitting the Chimellas.

May be it is all about the money!

Fingers crossed that we can influence policy change and make a huge difference to energy loss!

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