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“A very happy customer – money well spent”
Guy Davis

Hi Simon

I received the replacement canopy the other day and a big thank you for sorting this out on the phone for me and explaining what i had done, Great service. After having one last fire for the winter on Sunday when it was really cold and snowing I fitted it yesterday and my wife and I sat in the lounge last night agreeing that the room was noticeably warmer and also that for the first time since we moved here eleven years ago, there are no draughts coming through the cracks in the partition doors that we both sit in line with in different parts of the room.
Great Product…Great quality and a really great customer service and a very happy customer.

all the best

Paul and Lisa, High wycombe

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for the new Chimella. It arrived this morning and is now in the flue and keeping my room warm! Always a pleasure dealing with such a pro active company. Really refreshing and thankyou so much for getting the chimella to me so quickerly. The thought of not having a chimella over the xmas period was unthinkable. Our room is freezing without it. I love what you said to me on the phone “once you go chimella you can never go back!”….so true. All the best for 2018.

Janet Salvoni, London

Hi Chimella people,

Just wanted to say, we bought your product from the NEC Birmingham in the summer. I was more than sceptical about perching an umbrella, husband thought it a great idea. I was honest with you and said I would not be happy if it didn’t work.

Well I’m a convert and would recommend your product. The winter has been a cold one and we are only part way through. Not only has it saved us on heating our front room, we can sit in comfort without drafts. It’s a great product.

Many thanks

Irene Newson

“I bought the Chimella product about a year ago after I saw it at the Ideal Home Show. It has been a real asset, stopping dirt falling down the chimney and making it easier to heat the room it’s fitted in. This is great with winter just arriving again! Simon has also provided fantastic customer service when I was struggling with uninstalling and reinstalling the product recently – the you tube video is also a life saver. Thanks Simon.

Emma Lawson, Manchester

Chimella – Great British Invention and Great Customer Service
I met Simon at this year’s Grand Designs and purchased a Chimella, based on the fact that I could see that it would
A. Stop a lot of heat escaping up the Chimney when the fire is not in use and B. It would keep my heating bills down.
I used the Chimella a few times and accidentally broke some parts on the canopy, got in touch with Simon via email, got an immediate response and an explanation as to what could have happened, I used the on-line video’s which are a great help for troubleshooting.
The following day I received an email from Simon, saying that the company would be sending a replacement canopy out free of charge, Great British Invention along with Great Customer Service

Roy Meacham, Solihull
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