“A super large Chimella fills a huge chimney – accompanied by some great customer service”
Kati Grey, London

Benefits and Savings

Peace of Mind

With its Strong and Robust Quality construction and Quality Product Guarantee you can be assured in total confidence of the long-term daily use of your CHIMELLA product.

Energy Conscious

The Chimney Umbrella could be the single most cost effective step you will take in driving down your energy bills. RESEARCH has shown that the average chimney will draw out 80 cubic meters of air every hour. This can lead to a staggering 700,800 cubic meters of air, per chimney, every year being sucked out of your home.

If you have a large Chimney such as an large victorian or Inglenook Fireplace the draw can be as high as 590 cubic meters an hour.

Using a Chimney Umbrella to block of the chimney flue will significantly reduce the air flow through the chimney and can save you over 0.583 tonnes of carbon per year, per chimney. This converts into an energy saving of 3066 kilo watt hours per annum, per chimney, or CASH SAVING of up to £200 per chimney per year.

Ultimately Safe

The CHIMELLA handle is constantly on view to indicate that the chimney flue is efficiently blocked off. In the rare event of someone lighting a fire while the Chimney Umbrella is still inserted, the canopy has been designed to harmlessly burn away and safely re open the chimney flue, allowing smoke and fumes to be drawn up and out of your home.

Additional Benefits

No Mess

The Chimney Umbrella catches all falling debris, rain or hail stones and holds within its unique canopy structure until you choose to dispense. The canopy may also be sponged clean if required.

Simplicity Itself

The CHIMNEY UMBRELLA only requires a one time set up. With a single push of the deployment button it effortlessly extends up the chimney and efficiently blocks it off.
So simple…

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