Chimella - the stylish way to save energy
“My draughty Victorian house needed 8 chimellas!!!”
Emily And James Williamson, The London Door Company

Fully granted patents for Chimella

Australia 2012216913
Canada 2827055
New Zealand 614220
France EP2676074
Germany EP2676074
Ireland EP2676074
United Kingdom EP2676074
United States US9086218 B2


European Community Design Registration No 1985706-0001

Chimella and The Chimella Umbrella are international registered trade marks in all designated areas.
Int reg no. 1363505 The Chimney Umbrella
Int reg no. 1363356 Chimella

Chimella - The Chimney Draught Excluder
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Chimella - The Chimney Draught Excluder
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Chimella - The Chimney Draught Excluder
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