“Thank you to the Chimella people!”
Irene Newson

Removing the CHIMELLA

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1 – Starting a Fire

howto-closing-animBefore you start your fire simply hold the button handle and push the button again. The canopy will release itself instantly from the sides of the flue and will close any loose dirt safely and efficiently into the canopy.

Push the extended display handle up towards the release button and pull the CHIMELLA down and out of the fireplace opening.

As any dirt is now safely and cleanly held in the canopy you can take it away and dispose of it into a bin efficiently with NO MESS.

2 – Instant Reload

howto-reloadHold the nest area at the bottom of the canopy in one hand and the button handle in the other. Push the nest area towards and into the button handle until you feel a quality clunk! If in doubt, watch the demonstration video.

Your CHIMNEY UMBRELLA is now loaded and ready to insert into your chimney again when your fireplace is not in use.

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