A- list Celebrity couple divorce over energy saving dispute

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt split over Energy Saving Row!!!

The most well known A list Celebrity couple have announced today that after irreparable differences they have filed for divorce.

Sources have sighted that the couple have been constantly rowing over rising energy prices and who should be in charge of their energy saving Chimella the Chimney Umbrella.
Brad has constantly argued that it is a mans job to block of a fireplace with this fantastic energy saving device while Angelina has argued that any product that will only take a few seconds to insert and make such a huge difference to saving energy can be done by anyone.
The final crack to their relationship came after Brad was seen by paparazzi sneaking the family Chimella into the back of his car outside a nightclub in LA.
This Truly unforgivable act left Angelina shivering uncontrollably at home on the sofa.
I am sure that this devastating news will lead us all to reflect on our relationships and if we all have the same goals to save energy and money …..share your Chimella!

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