“Service is Everything!”
Tracy Austin, London E12

Customer Feedback

Hi Guys,

Thank you so very much for the phone call after my query regarding which
size Chimella I needed 🙂

You kindly sent me out the large, and an extra large Chimella, to see which
suited my Huge Inglenook fire best!
Following on from a few trials (with me standing in my Chimney as per your
instructions, as I could not bribe either of my daughters to assist there
poor Mother haha)
I find that the Large size does suits my Chimney after all, Great advice. Thanks you. So would like to
return, still in unopened packaging the Extra Large one.

Many thanks for your superb customer service and help! Very refreshing.

Best Wishes

Kate Berry, Marlborough

Fantastic product and fantastic customer service! We are so impressed with the Chimella and it’s effectiveness at cutting out the draft from our chimney. As soon as it was fitted the room instantly felt warmer. It really does work. Simon’s customer service is unrivalled too, he even hand delivered our Chimella! Can’t recommend Chimella Ltd highly enough!

Sherry Thomas, Highams Park

“The best customer service ever!”
I purchased a Chimella on line, which arrived in a very timely fashion, all beautifully packaged. I had sought advice from the team on which size to order before doing so.
I did read the accompanying instructions and viewed the video before attempting to install it, but clearly not very thoroughly! I could not make the Chimella stay in the chimney, so after an hour and a face full of soot, I admitted defeat. I then fired off an email on a Sunday afternoon telling Simon that I could not make it work and that it must be broken as clearly it was a fault with the Chimella and not with me. I expected to hear in a few days, but in fact received a call first thing on Monday morning. Simon took a great deal of time trying to find out where I was going wrong as in his words “if you spend more than a few seconds on this, you are doing something wrong”. He suggested I send him some ‘photos of the inside of my chimney so he could advise further. He even offered to come to my house and install it for me, despite living c. 1.5 hours from me. This, I thought, was above and beyond anything I could have expected.

True to his word, Simon arrived this weekend on the nicest day of the year and installed my Chimella, showing me in the process just how simple it is. It is a fantastic product and I cannot rate it highly enough. As I do not want to view the handle, Simon installed it such that it could not be seen, as it is a non-working fireplace.

From start to finish, the service offered by Simon has been outstanding. To travel that distance, at his own expense and on a Saturday, was customer service at its every best. It would have been so much easier to just tell me to study the instructions and video again, but as a true professional, and someone who believes in his product, Simon wanted to prove how incredibly easy it is to install and how right he is!

I will tell everyone I know about the Chimella. It is fantastic product and sold by a company who really do care about their customers.”

Lisa Hope, Bromley

Hi Simon

I received the replacement canopy the other day and a big thank you for sorting this out on the phone for me and explaining what i had done, Great service. After having one last fire for the winter on Sunday when it was really cold and snowing I fitted it yesterday and my wife and I sat in the lounge last night agreeing that the room was noticeably warmer and also that for the first time since we moved here eleven years ago, there are no draughts coming through the cracks in the partition doors that we both sit in line with in different parts of the room.
Great Product…Great quality and a really great customer service and a very happy customer.

all the best

Paul and Lisa, High wycombe

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for the new Chimella. It arrived this morning and is now in the flue and keeping my room warm! Always a pleasure dealing with such a pro active company. Really refreshing and thankyou so much for getting the chimella to me so quickerly. The thought of not having a chimella over the xmas period was unthinkable. Our room is freezing without it. I love what you said to me on the phone “once you go chimella you can never go back!”….so true. All the best for 2018.

Janet Salvoni, London
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