“I got so excited… I forgot to read the instructions!!!”
Adam Humphries, Worchester

Chimella Flue Clean

After listening to the horror stories of collapsed chimney liners and debris falling down into customers homes and causing excessive cleaning bills and ruined carpets for the trade it became very apparent that this was a huge industry problem.

With this in mind I decided to adapt the original chimney umbrella to eradicate this problem all together.

After years of understanding how the Chimella canopy shape actually changes wind flow within a chimney flue we added an access hole into the canopy for the Vacuum. This then causes a vortex inside the chimney flue itself and so sucks out all the dirt before it enters into the fireplace.

Adding another larger access hole allows fitters to drop through cables for pulling down the flue or chimney sweeps to put their brush rods through. The hole can then be closed around the cable or rod to stop any dirt falling through.

The Chimella Flue Clean is attached to a solid Tripod which can maneuver to any height or angle and give a solid base to hold the canopy firmly in place for all different shapes and angles of Flue.

From our extensive field testing the feed back has been overwhelmingly positive and has saved many man hours per job and no more costly cleaning bills for our lucky test fitters.

Also using the Chimella Flue Clean when sweeping a chimney and in conjunction with the fitting of a Chimney Umbrella means that a chimney sweep never has to go back to a customer after a sweep because of any loose liner or debris being blown down the flue after the sweep will all be caught into the canopy.

Chimella flue clean is a great quality product that will save money and time on every job and help our trade towards a quicker… cleaner… smarter day… job done!


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